Looking for a Padel buddy

Looking for a Padel buddy

Are you a passionate padel enthusiast, but like many others, do you struggle with finding padel players? We understand that it can be challenging to gather 4 people for a game of padel. Don't worry, at The Padellers, we have resources to assist you!

Our brand new feature "Open Matches" and our active WhatsApp groups make finding a padel partner easier than ever. Keep reading to discover how you can quickly and easily find padel players.

Looking for the last player

Are you eager to hit the court but still missing one player to complete your team? Playing padel with 3 players is no fun, and it's frustrating to be just one player short of a game. No worries! With our "Open Matches" feature, you can open up your shared reservation to other padel enthusiasts. Whether you're with three players or looking for a full team, here you'll find the final piece to complete your game. Additionally, you can also join existing Open Matches!

Find a Padel Partner

At The Padellers, we not only assist you in finding a padel partner but also ensure that you play with or against players at your own padel level. Set your level from 0-5, select "Open" when making a reservation, and invite players or join existing open matches. By displaying the average rating of participants, you'll play against people of similar skill levels.

Read more about Open Matches here and watch the video.
WhatsApp groups

The WhatsApp groups are also a great solution for finding one or more padel partners. By joining the WhatsApp group of your favorite location, you can post a message in the chat to find players. You can also alert the entire group that you have added an Open Match. Additionally, you'll stay updated on everything related to your favorite location through the WhatsApp group.

Open matches
  • Easily fill the player shortage
  • Add yourself to existing Open Matches
  • Fill in your rating and play against players of your own level
  • Pay your own share in advance; no payment requests afterwards!
open matches
open matches
whatsapp groups
  • Communicate with other padel enthusiasts
  • Find players to play padel with
  • Stay updated on everything happening at your favorite location
whatsapp groups
whatsapp groups