Would you like to participate in a padel tournament? At The Padellers, we organize the most exciting events at all our locations every month. During these events, padel tournaments are held for players of various skill levels. They're perfect opportunities to compete against players at your own level and enjoy the camaraderie afterwards at the bar.

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Team Battle

During the Team Battle, you sign up as a duo. Together with your partner, you'll be placed in either Team Red or Team Blue. You'll play matches in multiple rounds against various opponents from the other team, aiming to score the most points for your team! At the end of each round, the points are tallied up, resulting in a total score per team by the end of the evening. If your team ends up with the most points, the whole team gets a free drink of their choice to wrap up the afternoon!

Move up, Move down

Sign up as a couple and join us for Move up, Move down! During Move up, Move down, you'll play matches of 20 minutes each for two hours. Win? Your duo moves up a court. Lose? Your duo moves down a court. You'll always play with the partner you sign up with.

In Move up, Move down, it doesn't matter which court you start on, but it's all about which court you end up on! After six matches of 20 minutes each, the top couple will be on court 1 and will go home with the grand prize!


Especially for students, The Padellers, in collaboration with GiG Hard Seltzer, is organizing a Student Tournament! During the Student Tournament, matches will be played in different groups. Within these groups, all couples will play against each other once. After all couples have played against each other, new groups will be formed. The top team from each group will be placed in Group 1, the second-placed teams in Group 2, and so on. The couple that finishes as number 1 in Group 1 at the end of the tournament will walk away with the grand prize: 1 free session of padel!

Take advantage of the GiG bucket deal during the tournament: 4 GiG Hard Seltzers for €10!

Faq questions

Do you have any questions or uncertainties about our events? Check if your question is answered in our frequently asked questions or email us at

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