Padel rules

Padel rules

Padel at The Padellers: What are the padel rules?

While the game is already fun without rules, it's even more enjoyable when played according to the official padel rules. Let's outline the rules for you to avoid any debates on the court.

Are you ready to become a true padel master?


  • 2 vs 2. You gather a partner and challenge your friends or other couples to a match!
  • The ball may bounce once on each side.
  • The ball is out if it hits the glass or fence first and then touches the ground.
  • The glass may be used during the point to return a ball, but not the fence!
Padel by The Padellers

Scoring system

In Padel, you play with the same scoring system as in tennis. So, 15 / 30 / 40 game.

At 40-40 (Deuce), the rule applies that you need a 2-point lead to win the game. With 2 won sets, you are the winner!

Service padel

The point always starts with a serve that is played diagonally and underhand. The ball may be struck after the server lets it bounce first. The ball must bounce within the opponent's service box and may hit the glass.

If the ball bounces against the fence (after 1 bounce), the serve is out, and the player is allowed a second serve.


The club managers and trainers of The Padellers are always ready to teach you helpful tips & tricks. This way, padel becomes even more fun!

Padel by The Padellers

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