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Discover the fastest-growing sport in the Netherlands with colleagues or business associates. Reserve your own court on a weekly basis. Or promote your company to The Padellers' target audience through sponsorship. Start your application today!

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With our local or national sponsorship packages, you can enhance your company's visibility and recognition among the number one sport and audience of the moment. We would love to have a conversation to explore how we can mutually benefit each other in both business and sports.

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Faq questions

Do you have any questions or uncertainties about the business opportunities at The Padellers? See if the answer you're looking for can be found in the frequently asked questions or contact us at

What does an 'employee subscription' at The Padellers entail?

A "employee subscription" at The Padellers typically refers to an employee subscription or membership. This type of subscription is often offered to employees of companies as a benefit or perk. It may include access to padel facilities, discounts on bookings or equipment, and possibly additional amenities such as access to fitness facilities or classes. The specific benefits included in a "werknemers abonnement" can vary depending on the arrangement between The Padellers and the employer.

What does 'weekly padel' entail?

Weekly padel" entails that you and your employees/colleagues can play padel on behalf of the company every week for 26 or 52 weeks at a fixed day and time on one or more of our own courts.

What does a corporate padel outing at The Padellers entail?

At The Padellers, we're happy to assist you in organizing a sporty corporate outing. You can choose from a tournament, a padel clinic led by one of our certified trainers, or a combination of both. Select your preferred date, time, and location. Of course, you can also enjoy drinks and snacks afterward to wrap up the day. Let us know your catering preferences, and we'll provide you with a suitable proposal.

Why play padel with your company?

Padel offers many health benefits that contribute to employees being more vital and energetic, resulting in a more productive and satisfied workforce. While playing sports, happiness hormones are released, which help reduce stress, burnout, and potential burnouts. In addition to the health benefits, padel contributes to a better atmosphere in the workplace and enhances the image of your organization. Because padel is so accessible, everyone can play it, and no colleague needs to feel excluded.